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No need to do a Contract. You can request for one time and if you like our Services, You can continue to send Requests at your schedule of choice.


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You don't need to pay for traveling or any other charges. You have to pay only the per Hour fee of the Service provider.


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You will get the Service Provider who are available immediately, so you can start your services today itself.

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January 23, 2020

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Q.How does it work for Service Provider?

Fastrack security give an opportunity to earn money to the Service Providers Where they want? and When they Want?

  • You have to pay 15% of your Service Fee to us. Thus you get most to your service charges.
  • Display your availability on our Calendar and receive requests from the customer directly on the Selected availability.
  • Give your Service Price, Depending on your Experience & Desire ->Get Service Provider in your local area by Setting your desired time.

Q.How does it work for Customers?

Fastrack security is an easy way to get the Service Provider or Services at your location.

  • Select an appropriate helper based on Customer Reviews, Price, Experience & Availability
  • Give a request for the Service & wait till the Helper accept.
  • Get the Service, give the review/rating to the helper & pay for the Service.

Q.How Service Provider have to connect their account to Stripe.com?

The Service Provider needs to connect their account with Stripe Account for accepting the Requests of Services & Payments.


  • Click on the "Connect to Stripe" button on your My Page
  • On Stripe's registration page, Fill relevant information and Click on the "Authorize access to this Account."